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File: 1427427885468.png (3.45 MB, 1926x2382, 1427396567967.png)

Anonymous 511655[View]

On March 24, flight 4U 9525 crashed with no survivors


>les Bains region
>plane crash with no survivors
>Dark Knight character look alikes, particularly Dr. Pavel, are in first press photos
>Brice Robin is the first to report wreckage status
>Germanwings has 4 observable “u”s in its logo
>frame 9525 in DKR is exactly when the plane scene ends
>the date of the plane crash, 3/24, is the minute mark where Bane is first revealed

>Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people.

>a meme made real
>The first author to adapt “egregore” in a modern language seems to be the French poet Victor Hugo
>Victor Hugo’s most famous work: Les Miserable
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Anonymous 511656

File: 1427428511850.jpg (734.12 KB, 1500x1500, 4812a57c35a6ec511527d3fda2382b…)

sorry, your tulpa is still not real.


>blood moon
>omen of change
>happening on 4/4
>4th full season of pony
>gen 4
>4 members of the Apple family
>4 members of twilights family
>4 members of raritys family
>4 members of the cake family
>4 girls in pinkies family
>pony chan and mlp chan merger happening same time >omen of great change
>chan has 4 letters
>pony has 4 letters
>flight with number containing 4U crashes
>ncaa will be in the final 4
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Anonymous 511661

File: 1427430877670.gif (28.74 KB, 300x245, golfer-yelling-fore-cartoon.gi…)

File: 1426993700358.jpg (2.15 MB, 1822x2153, 1379803451700.jpg)

N40 510746[View][Last 50 Posts]

Ya es hora
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Anonymous 511521

File: 1427094114739.png (120.86 KB, 900x461, maria prego y maria argenta.pn…)

Eire 511562

Se que no es fin de semana, pero si que deliveree.


Anonymous 511659



buen trabajo 8/10

File: 1398029437780.jpg (2.56 MB, 3200x2131, Batman - Arkham City (COVER).j…)

Vidya Anonymous 388585[View][Last 50 Posts]

What vidya have you been playing recently /anon/?

This is on sale digitally for the 360 for a mere five bucks today, and since I have already beaten and enjoyed the previous one (Arkham Asylum) I figured I'd snatch it.

I've gotten a little ways into it, it's more of the same, but pretty fun. I'm not even a major Batman fan, but these games are great. Beating the shit out of hordes of freak thugs is satisfying as hell. Also gliding and swinging around the grim city is fun too.

Video game thread
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Anonymous 511617

File: 1427332962307.jpg (Spoiler Image,616.12 KB, 1810x1280, 1427330730545.jpg)

Apparently 8chan /v/ has a hard on for the Wraith. Who knew?

Anonymous 511619

File: 1427336239033.webm (2.87 MB, 838x720, 1425887875603.webm)

There needs to be more porn of her.
For I, too, have a hard-on for the Wraith.

Anonymous 511649

File: 1427423824845.webm (2.81 MB, 1280x720, quickscope noscope mlgpro420le…)

File: 1427421386178.jpg (17.12 KB, 480x360, its time to duel.jpg)

Anonymous 511648[View]


DI-DI-DI-DI-DI-DI-DI-DI-check my 8

File: 1408430807237.jpg (40.31 KB, 334x323, hands pls, hands, stahp.jpg)

Fuck da context Anonymous 451215[View][Last 50 Posts]

In this thread, snippets drawn without explanation from a greater whole.

Spoiler lewds.
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Anonymous 510300

you can always tell a good deep-sea creature by how much pain/pleasure it would cause you by sticking your dick in it

Anonymous 510307

He can still suck your soul out of your vagina.

Anonymous 511647

And now also listened to his dad suggesting to have sexy times with Scarlett Johansson.. i mean i would.. Scarlett sit on my face pls

File: 1425530995775.png (537.48 KB, 498x501, Retaliation - DRIVEPILOT.png)

/mu/ Anonymous 508096[View]

Well, We do need one, tbh
Let's do this.
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Anonymous 511564

File: 1427198201442.jpg (134.1 KB, 640x640, to pimp a butterfly.jpg)


new AOTY

Anonymous 511580

Anonymous 511646

File: 1427417761410.jpg (35.31 KB, 299x300, On_avery_island_album_cover.jp…)

19 years

File: 1425052503172.jpg (41.06 KB, 584x472, 1422180282224.jpg)

Anonymous 506895[View]

I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash.
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Anonymous 507764

I want to cum on Eileen.

Anonymous 508040

i wanna gum inside dainbow rash

Anonymous 511645

I want to dash inside rainbow cum

File: 1385421345799.jpg (8.28 KB, 206x245, corruption14.jpg)

Corruption Thread Anonymous 253425[View][Last 50 Posts]

Ladies and Gentleman, it has been too long.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite ponies explored the dark side of their world- Dark magic, changelings, corporations, death, crazy women, cocoons, evil of all varieties, drugs, and fridge horror? Then this is the thread for you!

Popular Contributors:
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Anonymous 511543

Anonymous 511545


wow, more of this please.

so detail
so intimidate

Anonymous 511641

I don't frequent this thread, but I've seen it around for the longest time.
It's hard to believe that its almost made it to its second birthday.

File: 1403828126856.jpeg (55.98 KB, 438x478, PFRRT.jpeg)

Farts Anonymous 432237[View][Last 50 Posts]

Time for a fresh, new thread!
Post pictures and stories related to ponies farting here.
This thread is strictly about flatulence. Please keep scat in an appropriate thread! Thank you.
The previous thread is here below.
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Anonymous 511618

Anyone got a pic of a pony farting while having sex?

Anonymous 511627

still waiting for that fart-apple story ._.


Anonymous 511639

I'm having sex with myself on farting pony.

File: 1427164611269.jpg (13.02 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Hot Drinks #1: Really Get You Going Edition Anonymous 511551[View]

Welcome to the Hot Drinks general. If you love tea, coffee, cocoa, or any other type of hot drink, this is the thread for you.

Our theme song:https://youtu.be/_ZXeFPpPJeI

Feel free to pop in and post your current beverage, ask a question, or just socialize.
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Anonymous 511629

I like cranberry juice.

Anonymous 511633

You must live in a really big city. I've never been to a coffee shop that wasn't proud of their super dark roast. When the roast gets that dark, they all taste the same to me: un-nuanced bitter carbon. Many people seem to like that.

Anonymous 511662

File: 1427431073744.jpg (63.68 KB, 550x360, work.4381819.1.flat550x550075f…)

File: 1426901392442.png (145.01 KB, 180x336, 05004.M.png)

Anonymous 510556[View]

>be at store
>see pic related on the shelf
>think of ponies
>think of /mlp/ and clop
>get an erection
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Anonymous 510598

sometimes i love the fandom.

Anonymous 511586

File: 1427294202319.png (65.01 KB, 975x605, Kikkoman.PNG)


If you mean Kikkoman, here's something even stranger about him: http://www.antra.dk/kikkomaso_e.swf

Anonymous 511632

>at walmart
>see man crying and masturbating to panko

File: 1400195068700.gif (799.05 KB, 200x189, 1399837893733.gif)

ITT: Cliches you are absolutely sick of (doesn't have to be MLP) Anonymous 407141[View][Last 50 Posts]

>action video game
>spend approx. six hours brutally slaughtering hundreds of enemy soldiers
>finally get to the head of the enemy army
>about to kill him
>suddenly your ally says "Wait! If we kill him, we'll be just like him."
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Anonymous 511628

File: 1427369633740.png (151.98 KB, 640x600, mlfw10197_medium[1].png)

Bumping this because of something I saw in MST3K - Delta Knights...

>Plot revolves around new technology

>Heroes get the technology, decide its too dangerous and destroy it.

Worst of all, in that case Leonardo Da Vinci, who decided to burn the map to a vault of secret knowledge, still became an inventor inspired by the things he saw there. What was the use in opposing knowledge if you make the same goddamn inventions on your own?!

In that case they decided to destroy the vault and prolong the dark age because they were afraid the forces of evil could use it. One character even pointed out that it would be invaluable in the hands of the good Order, but they went along with the retarded decision anyway! Because apparently being oppressed by swords and manpower is worth it to avoid the risk of someday being oppressed by something else!

Oh, and when the knowledge the "heroes" destroy actually IS dangerous this attitude gets even more retarded. If science has discovered something dangerous, it should be published as a BIG ASS WARNING! Way too often you see scientific minds horrified of their inventions deciding to destroy their notes, which in no way hampers anyone else from making the same discoveries. And if they're going to face the same perils, it would be goddamn helpful to know in advance if what they're doing has the risk of destroying the world. I know writers and moviemakers aren't scientists, but it terrifies me that such retarded attitudes exist in the population at all!

Anonymous 511630

>spend hours brutally and systematically killing everything that moves
>end of game
>"what a hero!"

Anonymous 511631

Too realistic?

File: 1427319767049.png (158.6 KB, 1280x818, humanhead_trixie_thinks_that_s…)

Anonymous 511604[View]

Kill it with fire
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Anonymous 511613

File: 1427326254543.jpg (496.48 KB, 3072x1728, 381988__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)



Anonymous 511616

File: 1427332225648.png (226.42 KB, 666x666, lookintoitseyesandknowhell.png)

Beneath the skin, we are already... one.

Was it not your sin that mutated trapped the unicorn?

Even now, the evil seed of what you've done... GERMINATES within you.

Anonymous 511624

Go to bed cccd9.

File: 1427034480331.png (245.36 KB, 904x884, vector__worried_sunset_shimmer…)

Anonymous 510957[View]

>Sorry Anon, but the Bible forbids sex before marriage!
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Anonymous 511593

File: 1427308888593.png (Spoiler Image,508.21 KB, 1920x1080, post-11173-0-54705300-14013046…)


Sure he did something wrong. He trusted Tirek. You call this freedom?

You don't need that pesky money, once you've got this bridge in Brooklyn I'm gonna sell you.

Anonymous 511614

Well it's not like he knew at the time. The point was that he would be free to practice his inherent nature (being god of chaos), and seeing it from his position—choosing between an opposite force of nature enslaving and slowly brainwashing me for my eternally long lifetime, and helping someone with enough potential to actually beat them, albeit at a slight chance of hindsight regret—I'd go with the latter.

And really being betrayed by Tirek was more Discords failing to create his own will to power plan. Something every real villain should have.

Anonymous 511615

File: 1427331619948.png (479.37 KB, 699x1024, gilda.png)

Jokes on you. I already got a hot date. See you at bible study you fucking nerd.

File: 1427272188928.png (176.45 KB, 686x720, Scootaloo asks.png)

Anonymous 511584[View]

Doing anything for Hearts and Hooves day?
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Anonymous 511589

That was 39 days ago, Scoots.
Man, are you late.

Anonymous 511598

>thinking ponies are dumb enough to schedule their romance day for mid-winter just because humans are

Anonymous 511602

Don't seasons in Equestria happen manually?

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