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An anonymous board with few rules where anonymous culture reigns.
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Anonymous 516217StickyLocked[View]

Welcome to /anon/ - the board dedicated to anonymous culture
We do our best to provide as much freedom and support as possible, but to avoid disrupting others please keep these things in mind.

Legal shit:
-Don't spam, raid, or anything else illegal. This includes lewd depictions of minors: drawings or otherwise

Mature Content:
-Enable "Show Mature Content Threads" in the settings menu if you want to see them.
-You are welcome to post adult content but please spoiler it for those who don't wish to see it.
-If you're the OP of the thread consider using the mature tag. Images in a thread with this tag do not need to be spoilered. (unless they are spoilers)
-If you are looking for mature content you should be sure to go to setting and check the "show mature content threads" button.

This board is devoted to anonymous culture so generally speaking you should post anonymously.
However there are exceptions.
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Anonymous 519407

File: 1435584091835.jpg (82.76 KB, 700x1043, sexy pinkie cheerleader.jpg)

Anonymous 530318[View]

last night I had a dream that there was some kind of Ponychan convention and the mods were there and one of them flipped their shit and said they hated /anon/ and wanted to delete it and everyone started arguing

w-we're not actually in danger, are we guys?
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Anonymous 530389

Anonymous 530390

Anonymous 530394

File: 1435694681499.gif (1.16 MB, 500x500, 1397424247533.gif)

>implying the mods don't come here to fap and dump porn
I'm pretty sure you guys have nothing to worry about.

File: 1403828126856.jpeg (55.98 KB, 438x478, PFRRT.jpeg)

Farts Anonymous 432237[View][Last 50 Posts]

Time for a fresh, new thread!
Post pictures and stories related to ponies farting here.
This thread is strictly about flatulence. Please keep scat in an appropriate thread! Thank you.
The previous thread is here below.
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This thread's ending?

Anonymous 530385

ayy lmao

Anonymous 530395

So who's going to start the new one?

File: 1435656991287.png (309.84 KB, 1000x1000, 878098__safe_anthro_humanized_…)

Any word for vanilla ponies? Anonymous 530375[View]

Sites like derpibooru have tags for anthros and humanized ponies, but how do I search for just ordinary, show-accurate quadruped ponies? In theory you could use minus signs to block out some tags, but there's still cosplays, guns, cars and so many other things under the name of each pony that it's pretty much impossible to find just vanilla ponies that way.

Anonymous 530380

In this case, many furry sites (such as e621) would use the "feral" tag for quadruped pone.

Regular cartoon MLP on derpibooru (regardless of art style) is the default though, so therefore there exists no widely used tag.

I have a numbers of filters set up with an account, and I haven't had to touch that in quite a few months. I just like regular pone, and they do a pretty good job of keeping it at that.

If you just want images the show though, the best way would be to search the episode tags or just "screencap".

Anonymous 530381

File: 1435660121299.jpg (206.55 KB, 2000x2000, 9LKWdDN.jpg)

remember that -tag prevents images with that tag from being shown, so -anthro -humanized can show feral creatures too, even if they're not properly tagged.

File: 1408430807237.jpg (40.31 KB, 334x323, hands pls, hands, stahp.jpg)

Fuck da context Anonymous 451215[View][Last 50 Posts]

In this thread, snippets drawn without explanation from a greater whole.

Spoiler lewds.
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Anonymous 529980

My pigtails scream in sadness.

Anonymous 530372

I kinda had a small idea a few months back of this little parasite thing here who slides into your body and lays eggs and then takes over your body and turns you into a man-eating monster that eats people to feed the smaller parasites inside you.

Anonymous 530374

It feels like your hot cock will roast my boobs!

File: 1398029437780.jpg (2.56 MB, 3200x2131, Batman - Arkham City (COVER).j…)

Vidya Anonymous 388585[View][Last 50 Posts]

What vidya have you been playing recently /anon/?

This is on sale digitally for the 360 for a mere five bucks today, and since I have already beaten and enjoyed the previous one (Arkham Asylum) I figured I'd snatch it.

I've gotten a little ways into it, it's more of the same, but pretty fun. I'm not even a major Batman fan, but these games are great. Beating the shit out of hordes of freak thugs is satisfying as hell. Also gliding and swinging around the grim city is fun too.

Video game thread
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Anonymous 528457

God, I hate people like that.
Fucking squeakers, man

Anonymous 528461


He wasn't even a squeaker, he was at least 15 but sounded like an adult voice-wise which makes it even more sad (and funny).

Anonymous 530370

File: 1435646770492.jpg (271.76 KB, 1366x768, Clipboard01.jpg)

I just remembered the Median XL Diablo 2 mod and am finally getting around to having a go with it.

The new skills and items will take some getting used to, as will the equipment management along with the regular difficulty spikes in each act.

The resolution mod is pretty nice, though a bit of pain it doesn't work past 1.12.

File: 1435632735773.png (12.47 KB, 400x250, 1376794582402.png)

Anonymous 530365[View]

Does this still work?

Anonymous 530366

apparently not

File: 1435626180153.jpg (155.5 KB, 1166x1280, 1427260611.kurikia_pipsqueak.p…)

Dips Anonymous 530344[View]

Padded Pones?

Chrissy 530345

File: 1435626243306.png (1.09 MB, 1125x1000, 1365641809245.png)


Anonymous 530363

File: 1435632539594.jpg (317.92 KB, 1280x960, mtr_1433567855422.jpg)

File: 1410124622326.jpg (33.07 KB, 433x322, 1409673260681.jpg)

Anonymous 456720[View]

ITT: Quotes.

Any kind of quotes--quotes from celebrities, quotes you heard from someone IRL; motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, philosophical quotes, just plain interesting quotes. I'll start:

>We spend our whole lives being careful and following rules, just so we can make it safely to death.
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Anonymous 529425

File: 1435224808930.png (177.1 KB, 900x1255, 1375372410294.png)

Anonymous 530266

"Harry Black can't stop dank memes."

6th Age RP Thread, ponychan /rp/, 2015.

Anonymous 530353

My legs are okay

File: 1435454399388.jpg (2.15 MB, 1822x2153, 1379803451700.jpg)

N40 529800[View][Last 50 Posts]

Ya es hora
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Anonymous 530312

File: 1435560620684.png (89.54 KB, 568x342, 1 - (somepony is coming).png)

Anonymous 530313

File: 1435560639511.png (193.99 KB, 568x342, 2 - Just Mokou pone (touhou 8 …)

Anonymous 530327


suena a que esta triste...

espero que pronto esos sentimientos malos desaparezcan y vuelva a sentir la dicha de la felicidad

File: 1430625156444.gif (1.1 MB, 320x240, 1416623996955.gif)

Cinema Anonymous 519213[View]


Have fun with this one anons. With love from Africa

Anonymous 530320

Cunt bitches with nose piercing are disgusting

File: 1429930585837.png (27.33 KB, 599x248, 1429871558601.png)

PACIFIC RIM 2 Anonymous 516230[View]

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Anonymous 530044

Heres hoping they have big ass dragons.

Anonymous 530062

File: 1435538958554.jpg (60.66 KB, 509x755, jurassic_world_ver2.jpg)

It's a good thing Legendary has a lot of money in the coffers right now....

Anonymous 530316

File: 1435569707266.jpg (15.03 KB, 480x360, CCVDrCKUMAAOZC0.jpg orig.jpg)

Large-posterior dragons meet with equine approval.

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