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mlp fim PinkieDash Cupcakes 129197[View]

#Single fic #Sad #Shipping

Pinkie has a special feeling for Rainbow Dash. But will the new horror movie twist up their relationship?


File: 138544093991.jpg (225.18 KB, 640x960, b6b.jpg)

PinkieDash Cupcakes has a special story for /fic/. But will the poor synopsis, missing link and general lack of effort on the OP's part squash any interest in it?


File: 138551341237.jpg (520.92 KB, 1280x1024, -Drifting-Spirit-imagination-3…)


Creepy doughnut Luna has a point. So pony up that story and send it to where it belongs or let your thread languish here, being enormously useless and annoying.

File: 137999776105.png (42.58 KB, 122x128, neighnya-ponimarillion-faust-l…)

Ponymarillion collab. thread Ponyweed!t7ZwLaDPx. 128913[View]

# an illustrated multimedia fanfiction/project/parody/ponification/satire/alternate ponyverse -- http://ponymarillion.referata.com

SYNOPSIS: The Ponymarillion is an alternate account of the Elder Neighs, or the First Age of Tolkien's World... the origin of "those creatures which in English I call misleadingly Elves". (Silm p.16) It is the ancient drama to which the characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic look back, and in whose events some of them, such as Luna, Celestia and Discord, took part. The tales of The Ponymarillion are set in an age when Tírek, the first Dark Lord, dwelt in Tartarus, and the immortal Alicorns departed the Undying Lands to make war upon him.

The Elements of Harmony were created in ages past by Starfall, most gifted of the Alicorn race. Within them were imprisoned the Light of the Double Trees of Alinor before the Trees themselves were destroyed by Unlight of Unpleasant, the monstrous mother of Changelings. Thereafter the unsullied Light of Alinor lived on only in the Elements; but they were seized by Tírek and set in his Iron Crown, guarded in the fortress of Changorodrim in the north, overlooking the twilight kingdom of Alfalfaland, most ancient of the pony realms east of the Sea. The Ponymarillion is the story of the rebellion of Starfall and her kin against the gods, their exile from the Blessed Realm and return to Little-Equestria; and their war, hopeless despite all heroism of immortals, unicorns, and earth ponies alike, against the great Enemy.

An Appendix may detail little-pone facts such as: a brief glossary of Neighnya, the ancient pony language, and list of names; a map of Alfalfaland and the lands to the north; a map of Ponicéan; the prologue to the unauthorized /oat/ edition; cover art for the Ballantine edition; Starswirl's letters (an early pony alphabet); translations of "actual" pony names into Elvish; family tree; heraldry and cutie-marks of the Great Horses of Alfalfaland; and various other humorous tidbits.

# seeking: one or two bronies (here or from elsewhere) who are big fans of The Silmarillion,
good writers with a soft spot for flowery language, and a big sense of humor and fun.

# to assist with workshopping the fic -- participation as a writer is option
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Writer's Block!hS9ZjLM/uE 129042

File: 138334306254.jpg (20.13 KB, 400x269, pinky_brain_x_3.jpg)


That depends on what exact advice you are currently seeking. If you still want someone well-versed in Tolkien's Silmarillion, you might have a tough time, as I certainly have not read it, nor am I immediately able to name someone here who has.

Now that doesn't mean they don't exist. I’d be willing to bet you dimes-to-dollars we have at least a few folks here who have read it, but just how much you expect of them might be a deciding factor in whether or not they choose to accept your request.

However, if you are just looking for some story-related critique and opinions, I might recommend you try the TTG, perhaps with someone specific requested in your comments. I can recommend morning_angles if you want some grammatical nitpicking. He’s not always a breakneck-paced reviewer at times, but he’s got some good insight. Casca also does fairly well, and I could likely certainly swing away if you need it real badly (Though alas, I am but a mere mook). There can be some good reviewers to choose from in there, if you look through them and do a bit of homework to find a name you really want. If you ask for someone specifically, word should get to them pretty quick (We like just hanging around as much, if not more, than reviewing at times). You’d hopefully hear back on whether or not they will accept your request in a reasonably timely manner.

You can also try asking Roger, though I'm not quite certain if he'll accept and I can't appear to find his specific review thread. Don’t know if he hasn’t made one here yet, or if it’s just gone. Still, might be worth it to ask him. The worst he can say is “I’m not really interested.” At best, he’ll either accept himself or redirect you to someone much more likely to say “yes”.

I’d have recommended Nick to you as well, but I think he’s a little preoccupied with personal issues according to his thread, and will probably not be able to get around to you at this time. You could still ask, but I imagine the answer will either be a “I can get around to it eventually” (which might be a while, depending on the exact nature of whatever he must take care of first) or just “I can’t.”

Lastly, if what you’re looking for is just general advice, I suppose you could always ask around on places like the TTG, or look for our r
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Ponyweed!t7ZwLaDPx. 129070

File: 138382136373.jpg (262.88 KB, 1280x788, Ted_Nasmith_-_Flight_of_the_Do…)


Thanks Writer's Block, for the suggestions.

I guess the issue is I'm not so much worried about style / proofreading
(aping different styles is one of the things I'm probably good at)
so much as I need help with:

* style issues from a non-Tolkien perspective from somepony who is still a fantasy fan. This might be helpful.

* pre-reading from the elusive bronies who are Tolkien fans and are dimly familiar with the book. Does not have to be involved as a writer or even give an organized critique... and since I'm putting stuff out in bits and pieces it'd be easy for them to follow along so long as they're dimly familiar with the book.

* Here's what I got so far: but keep in mind that the first few chapters are the densest material in the book and read differently from the story chapters.

Ponymarillion Prologue 1-2 WIP.doc [docs.google.com]
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Ponyweed!t7ZwLaDPx. 129191

File: 138536031172.png (111.05 KB, 783x579, tree-of-harmony-derp-not-sure-…)

Interesting comments on this at: >>/oat/38746889

Explanation: http://derpiboo.ru/479978

>Tree of Harmony

>mine countenance whereupon

File: 138530539039.png (294.2 KB, 441x649, luna rebel.png)

Anonymous 129182[View]

#Author #Single fic #head cannon

Hey Guys, I am currently writing a headcannon fic on AJ and why her parents left. Its not quite finished, in fact its nowhere near being done, but I wanted to have somebody read what I have and tell me what I need. The story is on my pastebin under
>AJ Headcannon

Look for Morrowisk, that's me!

Anonymous 129185

File: 138532952475.jpg (112.42 KB, 450x300, 1351297751952.jpg)

Usually, you would be directed to the Story Forge, where they can help hammer out your rough gem. However, with the lack of a/fic/ionado wordsmiths to man the Forge, it has become far less effective than it should be. And as a side note, you don’t need to call your fan-fiction “headcanon.” That’s what fan-fiction is, and fan-fiction is what we do here at /fic/.

I’ll try the best I can to help you.

I was expecting, when I looked up your link (which you could have included within your post) to find a short synopsis detailing what you wanted to write that I could skim quickly to pick up all the information I needed to assist you. However, what you have is a snippet of your story, and snippets are seldom good for anything other than examinations of style. But I won’t be critiquing your style, as I don’t believe that is what you’re asking for. (You can correct me if I’m wrong on this.) So onward with the snippet and I’ll try to pull out the major aspects of your idea that you’re trying to convey.

Ow… this is rough, my friend. If someone more skillfully endowed than me would care to go over everything here, that’d do you a great deal of good. But for now here are my thoughts on your idea as a whole:

(tl;dr: you need a little of everything)

There is nothing wrong with your idea. It’s a perfectly alright one, albeit needing more plot points. The majority of issues arise with the style and mechanics, which I’ve already said I won’t try to examine and fix.

Which leads me to ask, what do you want? Are you asking for a full critique of this snippet, detailing all the grammar and style errors? Or are you asking for us to provide you with more plot points to write? The latter is rather counterproductive, as we nearly always give away our good plots to people of higher skill, not lower. But I suppose I could furnish you with something, if I knew what it was you wanted.

A good place to start learning for yourself is Ezn’s guide: http://www.fimfiction.net/writing-guide

File: 132880071987.png (747.21 KB, 1017x1017, rambleroute.png)

Fanfic Review Please 82888[View]

Sorry about previews post, didn't find proper format before, fixed that now :D

Title – The Venture League
Author/Screen Name – Loopy Legend
Email – Loopy_Legend@hotmail.com
Tags – Adventure, Comedy,
Synopsis – The Venture League is an organized group of ponies from all over Equestria. They specialize great survival and tactical gear, and adventuring. Simply put the venture League are adventuring ponies for hire, they will do any mission you need of them.
Links - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/8893/1/The-Venture-League/The-Venture-League-Chapter-1---Unexpected-Recruit
Chapters Reviewed – Only got 1 (Unexpected Recruit)
Comments/Requests – EQD did send me here, pasting their comments.
1) Extremely basic writing. "She said this and this. Then he did that. She did this, and a bird exploded." Your characters aren't showing much personality, honestly. They're not complicated individuals, but are very nearly what we call 'Talking Heads'. You're making your OC botanist pony sound like they're just out of grammar school.
2) Punctuation issues. You really need to go back over this story. You're lacking punctuation in some places and have borderline comma abuse in others.
3) Word choice. Is it 'Wattle Lilly' or 'Water Lilly'?
4) More punctuation issues. You're lacking question marks in some places where they're needed.
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a pencil myself.

Var!cmXcsQyivc 82995

File: 132883342186.jpg (276.44 KB, 424x550, optical illusions.jpg)

Anonymous 129171

where is Geno Blast?

File: 132984157270.jpg (16.61 KB, 220x270, wildfires.jpg)

FiMFiction February Write-Off JasonTheHuman 85974[View]

I didn't see a topic for this, but the voting for the Write-Off has started on FiMFiction. The link is here:


The prompts were either:
-A fire breaks out in the Everfree Forest
-Strange creatures are attacking Ponyville
-The Mane Six go on a vacation

One of those is being used a lot more than others (pic related). But anyways, if you're bored and feel like reading some fanfics, why not go over and vote?
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Anonymous 86813

File: 133011557502.jpg (32.18 KB, 424x336, Because if you are, expect to …)


>I'm pretty sure two thirds of Band of Brothers fanfics are probably M/M snugglefests and slice of life stories

BRB, off to search the internets for BoB slash...


>It has a fairly heavy slash fandom base, probably because there are few female characters in the course of the series

PresentPerfect!0muXyLBHAI 86815

It's 240.

I really like this setup. So far, all the pairs I've gotten have either been the same level of awful, or one's been far and away the obvious choice. But usually the former.


I agree with this.

File: 135906074765.png (1.34 MB, 1096x728, 135376550968.png)

ViiK!sTBt5yH.Z. 126295[View]

I'm thinking of writing a pony fanfic but I want to know if the concept has already been overused.

The story has Celestia revealing the true origin of Spike, how long ago before ponyville existed there was this giant black dragon who was pure evil, caused unstoppable destruction and forced the princesses to send their entire army against him.
They were unable to defeat him, and the dragon almost manages to destroy both princesses, but at the right moment, Celestia uses the Elements of Harmony to encase the power of the Dragon and it results in the egg that end up becoming Spike.

The story then has the characters dealing with the fact that the evil side of Spike is becoming stronger, and Twilight has to decide how to deal with this, Will she choose to end the evil inside Spike by killing or exiling him? Or will she try to help Spike keep the evil inside him under control?

Suggestions and critiques are welcome.


Story Forge: >>119870

Your first story probably isn't going to be very good. Just try to have fun with it. Don't worry about making something that you want to show to other people until you know that you like writing.

File: 138457248524.jpg (85.08 KB, 500x669, potatooooooooooooooooooooooooo…)

Anonymous 129126[View]

#Badfic #anything

I feel like reading a really awful fanfic right now. They are just fun to read and laugh at.

Preferably under 2000 words but anything is fine!

Pic unrelated
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File: 138567880690.gif (1.52 MB, 720x411, 1299094127419.gif)

Two? Son, that story is from ye olde days of season one. It's nearly three now.
Hell, the thread for it is still around: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/6938.html
Too bad I never got around to the shipping parts :/ I ended up getting in over my head and lost the whimsy that had made the beginning so easy to write with all my plans and ideas. Sometimes I wish I hadn't gotten reviews and done reviews myself since it made me far too self-critical, to the point where I was an expert and convincing myself the idea sucked and I shouldn't even try.

Ah, to be young and naive again...


File: 138584403798.jpg (4.51 KB, 125x156, 9.jpg)


You guys give me many sads.


File: 138592424191.jpg (43.28 KB, 385x448, 1322367258921.jpg)

(It was either that or the "You make me sad" line from Holy Grail)

File: 136617050883.png (71.92 KB, 200x187, 136488647685s.png)

Looking for Fic Recommendations Anonymous 127354[View]


I haven't read any fics in a while, and I'm interested in seeing what's popped up since the last time I was into it. So, can I get some recommendations? My only two caveats are they must be 1) Finished fics and 2) No clopfics (shipping is okay).


MLPchan's /fic/ is the active one. You'll have more luck there for future threads.
Simply Rarity.
It's Dangerous Business, Going Outside your Door.
Fallout: Equestria

Anonymous 127359

Useful information? When did you leave and what have you read.

Anonymous 127362

It's been about a year I guess? I don't remember all which ones I've read it. It was kinda sporadic.

File: 131525528386.png (225.79 KB, 692x448, 2945 - artist-noel fluttershy.…)

Squeaky Stories 3 (Now with 1.21 gigawatts of stories.) *Squeak* !JuTj8x9Yww 46534[View][Last 50 Posts]

Hello! I'm Squeak, and this is my third thread, that's so cool! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to post here telling me what they think, or just drops by to pal around. I do adore your feedback and random musings. I'm the writer of several fics, the most popular being Number 12, and Traveler, which are Doctor Whoof stories, You can read them, and all my other stories, in the handy guide below.

In anycase, in Squeaky tradition, I'll post my newest fic in the header: Gaia a short chapter story staring Fluttershy, a strange mare called Flower and a series of events which culminate in a great Equestrian secret being revealed:


As for all my other stories (Gun With Occasional Pony, The Catastrophic Case of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Etc.) Check out this handy guide!


Onwards and Upwards!
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*Squeak* !JuTj8x9Yww 112016

File: 134259644023.png (436.43 KB, 497x662, tumblr_m0qwbrxcjG1r598fso3_500…)


Oh! I'm sorry, somehow I just saw this!

Here's a handy dandy alternate downloads page!




Raggedy M. !VooDooOvTg!!DmZQAxMQuu 124306

File: 135216073205.jpg (131.5 KB, 983x949, Guess who.jpg)

And they never found the body.


File: 132873041584.jpg (14.22 KB, 200x200, preview1.jpg)

The Death of Zetch Aplon Zetch Aplon 82713[View]

#Single fic #Sad #Death #My first fanfic
Zetch galloped through the streets of Manehatten, his wife Zuri and their foal Eve following close behind. They were being chased by 10,000 Equestrian army soldiers. The family was stopped in an alleyway. The soldiers surrounded them. They all wanted him dead for killing a stallion he never met. "Please, leave my family out of this!" A soldier spoke up. "If they interfere, we'll kill them too." Zetch then did the only thing he could: fight. He started shooting beams from his horn and blowing gusts of wind from his bat wings. The soldiers were too overwhelming, because they knocked him unconsious and carried him away. When he woke, he was tied to 2 posts. He could see soldiers surrounding him, but he saw Zuri and Eve next to him. "Zetch Aplon, your are hereby being executed for the mudrer of Irontin C. Copperfin. Your next words will be your last, so use them carefully." Zetch looks at Zuri's tear-stained face. "Zuri, I want you to know I love you and that I always will, even when I die." Zuri hugged him. "I love you too." Zetch turned to Eve. "Eve, sweetie, daddy's not coming home. I want you to take good care of Mommy for me, okay?" Eve cried and hugged her father. "Okay daddy!" Two soldiers pulled them away. "Is that all?" Zetch nods his head and lets it hang. "Zetch Aplon, prepare to die." Zetch looks at his family and smiles, tears running down his face. The soldier aims the gun and shoots Zetch point-blank in the head. Zuri and Eve start bauling as the soldiers toss Zetch's body into the ocean.
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Row, row, fight tha power.


File: 132902493443.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, 131050789746.png)

Me and Fluttershy have an understanding ^_^.


"Prolly" is a different pronunciation of Probably, as you have most likely guessed. But yes, I do want a cracker...

File: 138471675626.jpg (101.47 KB, 1280x390, 10522 - applejack artist riley…)

Brave New World Anonymous 129136[View]

#Discussion #Normal #Sci-fi #Grimdark

Do you guys remember Brave New World by FlameLordPhoenix? I need to know what happened to the guy. He's been gone forever. No comments, no updates, just one last post in '12. If anyone knows where this guy is I'd like to know. I'll finish the story myself if I need to, but I'd like to know the guy isn't dead. Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/story-brave-new-world.html

File: 133716654682.jpg (1.29 MB, 3264x1952, IMAG0040.jpg)

Amateur writings of a fifth grader. BuddyHolly 102723[View]

#Collection #Random
My fellow fanfic writers, I have a task for you. I would like you to find a short story you made in elementary or middle school and post it here. I recently dug up a narrative I wrote titled "The BAD-TEMPERED Dragon" which I also illustrated.

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DSNesmith!cYVLhDTGC. 102843

File: 133724060931.jpg (93.23 KB, 551x678, applejackomglol.jpg)

Oh, my. Is that pronounced "queasy"?

Anonymous 102844

"Uh Oh. Here we go again!"

Absolutely brilliant.


File: 133725001562.jpg (38.73 KB, 361x500, Baron.jpg)


Tell ya what: since I do not know where this box is, I can tell you two things in this box that I do remember (kinda).

FIRST: A (really) short story I wrote in the...third grade? Was about how Zeus invented lightening. Like "The BAD-TEMPERED Dragon," it was illustrated, but less well. Essentially, Zeus got mad for no reason and lightening struck something.


SECOND: Be very glad I cannot regurgitate this one. The assignment was to write a descriptive piece, so I did. I did not manage to finish the story, but what happened in it was this:
Orphan boy was alone in winter woods, clutching a thin summer blanket around his shoulders in a vain attempt to keep warm. Suddenly he sees a ray of sunlight breaking through the clouds, and he goes towards it. As he approaches, he notices that there is no snow where the light touches, grass is growing green, and there are animals and a hut in the middle.

It took me three pages to say this. There was no dialogue. Paragraphs were no less than five sentences.

Anonymous 129111[View]

Prompt: That key killed me

Anonymous 129114

File: 138413554720.png (96.95 KB, 840x840, Kingdom_Key_KH[1].png)

A key turned red, not from rust, but by the blood of a thousand and one slain enemies.

Last edited at Sun, Nov 10th, 2013 19:11

File: 135553453909.png (50.13 KB, 300x196, Umbra 5.png)

Umbra"s advice column of rainbows and jellybeans Umbra!S7TySB6rOM 125559[View]

#Discussion #Advice

Hell, if people are using both this and MLPchan still, I might as well have a thread on both. Have some delicious copypasta from my existing thread:

A while back, after my first submission to Equestria Daily, I was referred to Ponychan for editing. I was very impressed by each reviewer's willingness to volunteer their time to read obituaries fanfiction. After having a number of stories reviewed, I wanted to help out as well. I started my own review thread, and everything exploded and caused me to abandon my thread twice went perfectly.

Except for a few weeks out of the year, my schedule is just too busy for a review thread. So I was faced with a question:

"Alright, what can I do in the fanfiction community that's disgustingly pretentious, but also won't overload my already busting schedule?"

An advice column! And thus...


This thread is not for full story reviewing or proofreading. For that, check out the Training Grounds. They do great work!

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Umbra!S7TySB6rOM 125563


If it's in first person, thoughts are exactly like narration; they don't require denotation of any kind. If it's in third person, italics are the best way to go.

I see now that I was vague 125564

I'm more concerned with 3rd person POV quotes.

Should a new character's thoughts be made into a new paragraph?
May thoughts be attributed to characters in the same way as dialogue? For example:

Writing. Writing never changes, they mused.

or should the comma be a period and they mused. be deleted?

If what I've written is unclear, then please just write down everything you've ever know about the use and syntax of thoughts.


>Should a new character's thoughts be made into a new paragraph?

>May thoughts be attributed to characters in the same way as dialogue? For example:
>Writing. Writing never changes, they mused.
>or should the comma be a period and they mused. be deleted?
Both styles are valid. Thoughts are like dialogue without the quotation marks.

File: 135504727002.png (208.41 KB, 480x320, MLP FIM pics 092.png)

the truth of rainbow factory 125453[View]


You probably know the story of the rainbow factory it was my story I survived the rainbow factory, but that was just half the story. Will be hunted down soon enough so I thought I would tell you the rest before I die.
This story is a short one but a story of truth. As you know Rainbow Dash is the manager of the soldering of foals who could not accomplish their test, but have you ever wondered how Fluttershy never got taken away for not taking her test. Well she runs it.
Fluttershy runs it and here’s another fact Rainbow Dash is an android yep Fluttershy controls Rainbow Dash (I’ll call her RD from now on). Your probably wondering how Fluttershy has kept control of RD ever sense she was a foal well she hasn’t once RD flunked flight school she was ground up into rainbows (this was when they didn’t cover up the murder so and at this time Fluttershy was a low level employ and she had the idea of making an android RD) I found this out because she had a malfunction and they had to repair her. I wish I could continue my story but they have arrived to take me back to the rainbow factory and deal with Fluttershy herself. Beware of Fluttershy. Bewa

Hi reader I found this file on my friend’s pc it looks like it got cut off at the last word. He called me and said he was working on this about four minutes before he left. Your probably wondering my name im Fluttershy and if you read this you know to much and im coming for you.


I'm not sure how to respond to this, exactly. If this was supposed to be a serious attempt at horror, it failed, because instead of telling us a story, you gave an abbreviated infodump of headcanon about another none-too-effective horror story.

"I'm coming for you" and its ilk only work in these kinds of stories when they're ostensibly about happenings in the real world. Telling us that Fluttershy is going to turn us into rainbows is a little silly because we are all well aware that she is a cartoon horse.

Welcome to /fic/. If you want to learn to write better we can help you.


Oh I know i did pretty bad i was just trying something new. :)

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 129106

First, you insult the board by not bothering to check spelling or grammar. Second, companion cubes are probably the most horrific bit of back story I've ever heard of.
If you do enough research, you might find that the weight for the companion cube is other test subjects.

Last edited at Sun, Nov 10th, 2013 14:46

File: 134730615158.png (195.53 KB, 700x451, le_spain.png)

Aceppting Spanish translations Request By123445!BFevT80ls6 119035[View]

I am willing to translate to Spanish a single fic you want me to.
If people suggest multiple fics, I will just choose the most interesting or recommened.
When I have read it in English, I will let you how I will deliver.
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I am Mexican, therefore, Spanish speaker.

I see your map of Spain, so I will asume you will translate those fics to *blegh* European Spanish. Urk, sorry, I barfed a little in my mouth.

Honestly, I am not interested in translating my fics in Spanish, since there's not a good site to post them, anyway. I could do it myself, but meh, too lazy.

However, if I ever have a change of heart, I might come to this thread. Not likely, since... European Spanish...


I was being sarcastic.

Fallout: Equestria 128351

S'il vous plaît.

File: 133110058832.gif (546.09 KB, 430x520, d4b94b9ead6e7cb4fc108964228e5a…)

FimFiction Promo Thread TwilightSpunklez 89397[View]

Personally, and like many other authors I would like a way to promote stories to get attention that they deserve.

It might sound selfish but I know there is an incredible number of authors that share my concern for their fics and I wish to start a thread based on fiction advertising, featuring fictions solely from the fimfiction.net website.

Please if there are any more practical solutions or a similar thread already like this than I will be happy to remove this thread. But otherwise I think this is necessary.

1. Only stories and links from fimfiction.net

2. You should only post your own stories, if you want to share somepony else's then you must have their permission.

3. Use appropriate tags with your story and WARN readers if your story is mature or not, and specify whether or not it contains gore and/or sex.

4. Please include a link to the fic's main page not a specific chapter, even if it is a single chapter.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 89403

This thread is silly and you are silly.


But now they are all contained within here... maybe... perhaps...


File: 133110175323.png (107.26 KB, 361x376, mrCake.png)

Sorry to be off-topic, but just I noticed the OP image's filename was identical to the MD5 hash of it. Some piece of online software somewhere is using the idea I had (>>/meta/98273). Interesting.

File: 133133731151.png (217.4 KB, 744x608, Rainbow crashed.png)

Taking a hit Anonymous 90064[View]

#Discussion #Normal
We've all been there. You write a story you thought needed to be told, and you go all out to make sure it's as good as it can be. It's not a masterpiece, but you had fun writing it and hope others enjoy reading. You post it, and it gets torn to bits with a vengeance. The flaws are pointed out in the tiniest detail, and you are told in no uncertain terms that you whole-heartedly suck. So what now?

You're SUPPOSED to get back up, dusk yourself off, and improve based on the information you received. What happens when that step isn't as easy as everyone says it's supposed to be? What do you do when "manning up" just doesn't work?

I find myself in this predicament. I sit down to write (or rewrite) something, and I can't concentrate enough to even begin. I can't enjoy or believe in what I'm writing anymore. Confidence is totally shot, and I can't even consider story ideas without that snide little voice in the back of my head saying how much I would fail if I tried to make it happen.

Have any of you been in this situation before? What do you do to break out of it? Does it take time, or do you "power through" it? Should I just step away for a while? Is there a set of blanket tactics you use to combat this, or is it something that only works from person to person?

Any good advice would be appreciated.
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Someone has the "that's the joke" picture?

Will erase once posted.


Ah. See, where I come from, jokes are funny. Did you mean "inane silliness?" Because I can see that.


File: 133142951738.jpg (46.46 KB, 524x452, 132275744615.jpg)

File: 133331086689.png (1.94 MB, 900x1443, 153724 - artist whitestar1802 …)

Fics That Bellyflopped Timefly!IKqDXQrsmY 94562[View]

A perfect run up, a jump, a triple back flip and, just as the fics about to enter the water, it bottles it and lands in a belly-flop, killing itself horribly.

For me it was Antipodes. The first few chapters were just magical, but then the real plot came in and the perfect execution collapsed into a mess.

So, what fics started well for you but failed miserably?
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*looks for his fic in the list*

*doesn't find it mentioned*

Welp. Not sure if success due to decent storytelling or success through obscurity.

I'll mark this one as a "maybe" and go have a celebratory drink.


Man, If a fic I wrote was even mentioned on here that would be a victory.

Anonymous 128129

Really? I loved Anthropology the whole way through.

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Anonymous 127261[View]

#Author #Comedy

Hey ponychan, just came from /mlp/. I guess this would be the place to dump my recent fic idea. I know I probably won't get much out of it, but I need some feedback.

I was thinking about writing a fic about Lyra, in which she's tired of always getting no attention from everypony else despite her odd habits and jumping, so she attempts to cause chaos and disharmony in Ponyville by doing stuff like standing on private property and not returning library books. Eventual escalation with the townsfolk and mane six would occur.

Does it sound okay or am I just trying too hard again?
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File: 136539154595.png (349.43 KB, 2598x2645, Hi, guys.png)

Bradel 127264

I like it. But more importantly, you have given me an idea!

...I don't know when or if I'd ever get around to using it, though, so I'll just share it. This sounds like some great Prankstershy-style stuff here, and Discord would probably make a great advisor about how one can misbehave. I'm thinking specifically of him giving terrible advice, here. I like the idea that he could actually tell somepony to not return library books as a way of acting out. It's just so deliciously chaotic, in that it both accomplishes the goal and fails in it spectacularly.

soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 129097

File: 138401485895.png (112.52 KB, 1167x685, dundee_invasion__lyra_at_nethe…)

Definitely this.

By the end of the story Lyra should be around the size of a small cottage, I think. The town becomes in a state of panic, and Twilight calls Princess Celestia for help fighting the behemoth. But as the Wonderbolts try taking down Mega-Lyra, their attacks only make her grow bigger and stronger. It becomes clear that conventional means won't work.

Mega-Lyra seems unstoppable. Disorder grows. In the end the mane 6 will have to come up with some unconventional plan in order to stop her.

Core aspects to any fic, really.

(Yes I realize the post is old and bot-bumped.)

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